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The Artificial Reefs of Volusia County, Florida
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Invertebrates of the Artificial Reef

telesto   Telesto, a soft octocoral, on a Site 4 culvert (Photo by Frank Alvarez)
Telesto close up (Photo by Joe Knott)  
sea fan by Joe Knott   Regal sea fan, a gorgonian (Photo by Joe Knott)
Yellow sea whip, white ivory bush coral, and yellow boring sponge on an old culvert   yellow sea whip
Site 6 yellow sea whip   Yellow Sea Whip close up
Ivory bush coral, telesto and yellow boring sponge   ivory bush coral, telesto and yellow boring sponge
  Close-up of white ivory bush coral, and yellow boring sponge
Large ivory coral, Oculina varicosa   Oculina varicosa
  Cup coral (lower left) and yellow boring sponge (upper left)

Cup coral and ivory bush coral are local hard corals
Cup coral up close and some white encrusting sponge   cup coral up close
  Close-up of an over growing tunicate
Red and yellow encrusting sponges  
  An encrusting sponge, similar to yellow boring sponge
White sea pork, a tunicate  
  Orange sea pork
Red encrusting sponge  
octopus   Octopus
Encrusting red and white sponges on a culvert on Site 12 only one year after the culvert was deposited   young red encrusting sponge
sheepshead among sea fans   Sheepshead among gorgonians
(Photo by Tom Kinsey)
Telesto on end of a culvert on Site 11   Telesto on end of culvert
Thesea nivea   White eye sea spray, Thesea nivea
White encrusting sponge on hydroids   white encrusting sponge
Sea Nettle   Sea nettle jellyfish
Two turtles courting at Site 4 (Photo by John Lane, w/o strobe)  
  Turtle on Site 11
An arrow crab   arrow crab
reef urchin   Reef urchin
Very few lobsters are seen among the culverts on the artificial reefs (Photo by John Lane, w/o strobe)  
  Here's how it is done