The Artificial Reefs of Volusia County, Florida
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Fish of the Artificial Reef

  A very common sight... tomtate grunts over an encrusted concrete culvert (by Joe Knott)
A young adult damsel fish © Denise Morrissette  
  Juvenile cocoa damsel (Note spot at base of tail)
Scamp grouper © Denise Morrissette  
whale shark picture   Whale shark at Site 1 © Denise Morrissette
Goliath grouper (by Steve Starkey)  
  Manta ray (by Ray Eccleston)
French angelfish, adult  
  French angelfish, young adult
Juvenile angelfish over an encrusting sponge  
  Adult blue angelfish
  Adult cubbyu, drum family
Juvenile cubbyu or, possibly, highhats  
  Squirrelfish are not often seen on the artificial reefs
Porkfish and butterflyfish  
  Grouper and sheepshead
Juvenile wrasse  
belted sandfish   3 inch belted sandfish on a culvert
Lessor amberjack, known locally as amberines  
  A two spot cardinalfish and a belted sandfish (Photo by Joe Knott)
Frogfish (Photo by John Lane)  
  Resting nurse shark
Find the flounder resting on the culvert (Photo by Jim Standfast)  
  Invasive lionfish are now on all of the local reefs